We are now thrilled to announce the much awaited news – Project Expansion!

Yes, BVK is now all set and ready to take the love across Chennai!
As we got numerous requests from various well wishers who wish to partner with BVK, we decided to make this project public and ensure everyone is well informed about our announcement of Project Expansion.
We took 1 year to give birth to the brand BVK in Jan 26th 2020 and it took last 6 months for us to ensure we have our own unique way of expanding the business across the city. Please be informed that at BVK, the Project Expansion is not going to be your regular Franchise model. As much as BVK differs from its style of service, it has its own unique way of the expanding it’s presence too.

We’d keep this page open for now and would request all the interested investors to fill in the details so that our team from Project Expansion could reach out to you to take the discussion further and will be rigorously entering into the final rounds of discussions with the applicants and freeze the plan.

And last but not least, as much as we and our well-wishers (Customers) love BVK, we’d have a very severe and stringent policies on Quality of Service and Food. There is no statement like “Deteriorated Quality” at BVK. The day when the quality detoriates, that’s when you’ll see the end of BVK. BVK will never want to see itself in detoriated quality state. That’s the least thing we wanted to witness and we take it very seriously irrespective of the credibility of the investors. Let’s gear up!